I just wanted to put a little note here that I moved my blog to :

I was running out of storage space to post photos and such and so I switched it over there. I still religiously check LJ though so if you have any questions, comments anything just shoot me a message or leave a comment here.



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Cotton Candy
This one was a request to make a look that was inspired by cotton candy. LOL I think it turned out alright...and my pug liked it.


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The Peacock
I figured out after I already did the look that I should have left the bottom black liner off...the waterline was an after thought but would have looked AWESOME if I had thought to just use it instead of the thin black line  too. Eh oh well next time.


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Punched in the Face Challenge
A friend of mine challenged me to use colors the usually make it look like you got punched in the face just to see if it in face would have that effect on me. This is what happened lol (and I think she was a lil mad it wasnt a disaster)


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Superhero Series: #2.5 The Hulk Revisited

So I revisited the hulk lol...decided to pull in aspects from other looks and add in some inspiration from his clothing too. Hope you like it

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Oceans Away

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Sugar Rainbows


So I got my new Heartbreaker Palette from SP ...and it is pretty amazing. I did a few looks with it which I will post but this one I couldn't decide so I used almost all the SP shadows I had (except asylum, goldilux, love+, poison plum, weekender and tipsy)....

Sorry if I am not on as much in the last week and this week, we are trying to buy a new car, get the final few things done to get the ball rolling to get the movers etc finished and all that bs.

Oh and if you want to follow my new blog or cant see the pictures please feel free to check it out:

I have started the process of transferring all my older looks over there while adding my newest ones too because LJ has been screwing up so much with images I really wanted to have an offsite blog besides the one on here :)
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Metal Sunset
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Neons, Corals and Mustard lol
Sorry the picts arent the best I should have remembered to take the photos before going to the gym lol


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